Calling Coaches

Phone Calls With College Coaches

The NCAA strictly regulates when coaches can call recruits. But, recruits can initiate contact and call coaches at any time. It’s a good idea to take advantage of that, pick up the phone, and tell coaches who you are. Good communication with coaches is the single most important aspect of the recruiting process.

It’s a good idea to start calling coaches as a freshman. It may not be easy at first, but after a few calls you should be pretty good at talking to coaches.

Tips for Calling Coaches

1. Be enthusiastic and engaged.

  • Coaches are looking for athletes who are excited about the opportunity to compete at their school. Consider your tone, confidence level, and leadership ability while you’re talking to a coach.

2. Before you call, it’s a good idea to practice.

  • Role play with a friend or parent the conversation you expect to have. The practice should help calm your nerves when you make the actual call.

3. Do your homework.

  • Research the college and the coach before the call. A coach will be impressed if you know specifics about his/her program.

4. Be prepared.

  • Have a list of questions or a script in front of you when you call. Introduce yourself with your name, city, and high school. Ask specific questions about the program and your chance to compete. Ask the coach what your next steps should be in the recruiting process. Cover the basics during your first conversation with a coach. On second and third phone calls you can discuss more detailed information about the program.

5.Be ready to answer questions from the coach.

  • Phone calls give coaches a chance to find out more about you. They’re likely to ask what your strengths and weaknesses are, what other schools you’re considering, what goals you have, and what you’re looking for in a college.

6. Be persistent.

  • Coaches are busy, and you’ll likely have to leave a few voicemails before finally reaching them. Find out from the coach or an athletic secretary the best time to call. When leaving a message, let the coach know exactly what time you plan to call back.


A sample phone call script is below:

-"Hi Coach Johnson, my name is Arthur Tyus and I'm a 2013 graduate from Detroit, MI. Can I get a minute of your time?

-"Great! Coach Johnson, I'm very interested in learning more about your school. I received the questionnaire you sent me in November and wanted to follow-up with you to find out a little more about your 2013 recruiting needs."

  • Go into questions from your list.
  • Talk about something interesting or sport specific. For example, "I see that last season your team went undefeated, how is it looking so far this year?"
  • Before you end a call, always thank the coach for his/her time and inform them that you are looking forward to speaking with them in the near future