Recruiting Game Plan

Recruiting Game Plan

Have a Plan

As an athlete you never go into an important game or match without a game plan. Plotting out your strategy helps you win, and it prepares you for any unexpected twists that you might encounter. Consider the recruiting process to be one of the biggest competitions of your life. It’s one that requires a perfect plan of attack.

Develop a Measurable Action Plan (MAP)

It’s extremely important for college recruits to be well organized, and that’s why a Measurable Action Plan is vital. A MAP provides a timeline for you to follow during each step of the recruiting process. It should include athletic goals, academic goals, a growing list of colleges that you are interested in, a checklist of coaches that you need to get in contact with, and much more.

Having a MAP can ensure that you’re being thorough. And being thorough is the key to finding the most scholarship opportunities at schools that are a good fit for you, and earning as many scholarship dollars as you can.

An GIURS scout can help you put your recruiting action plan in motion after a quick scouting evaluation. Getting an early start makes the recruiting process much more manageable in the long run.