Learn About Football

When does the football recruiting process start?

1. The recruiting process started yesterday! Competition for football scholarships is very intense. Coaches identify talented athletes very early in their high school careers—in fact, 84% of Division I prospects are identified by the end of sophomore year. This means the advantage goes to student athletes who are active, informed and have a plan.


How do I get discovered?

2. College coaches scout based on verified information from neutral, independent sources like GIURS. Play your game well and you’ll be discovered—right? Wrong. College football coaches identify prospects using online tools and databases well before they show up to scout a game in person. Occasionally someone else will catch their eye, but they are primarily there for the prospects they have already identified.


How do coaches evaluate prospects?

3. The Internet is your best recruiting tool. College coaches don’t have time to attend every high school football game. The majority of them identify top prospects by watching highlight videos that they request or receive from a trusted third party. This is what will convince a coach to come out and watch you in person.


 Where am I qualified to play? 

4. Less than 1% of student athletes get a full ride to a D-1 school. Roughly 80% of football scholarships are offered by schools that do not compete in NCAA Division I football, so set your expectations accordingly.


What is my coach’s role?

5. Don’t leave your future solely in the hands of your high school coach. Getting recruited is a full-time job, and your football coach has a whole team of players who will be asking for their help. One coach does not have the time, resources, or relationships to get a scholarship for each of his players.