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Recruiting Packages
GIU Recruiting® offers two levels of packages
to suit your recruiting needs.
Your athletic abilities may be a match for a Division I school but perhaps a Division II or III school would be a better environment for you.  At GIU Recruiting®, our focus is preparation and best-fit analysis. We will help you find a good, balanced fit both academically and athletically in order to thrive and succeed.
EVALUATION - $595*   
What's included:
  • A live, on-site evaluation by one of our Recruiting® Counselors, all of whom have extensive coaching experience.
  • A carefully prepared, comprehensive evaluation and a one-on-one consultation.
  • Athlete evaluation that will analyze skill level, team concept, sports knowledge, and preparedness among many other aspects.
  • Determination of your current caliber in Division 1, Division 2 or Division 3 athletics by your Counselors.
  • Expert feedback and recommendations based on your evaluation that will help you grow and meet your college recruitment goals.
*plus potential travel fee if outside of UT*
GIU BROTHERHOOD - $1,500(entry) $25 a month   
What's included:
  • Provide communication and updates with colleges for you and to you throughout your recruiting journey.
  • Assess your academic transcripts through our professional staff of Counselors for review on academic eligibility.
  • Our counselors will keep you on course schedule
  • Present our proposed recruiting "Road Map" based on our expert assessment that will give you a focus on schools to target.
  • A monthly skills/drills one day camp
  • We will attend unofficial college visits with you
  • We will put together your 7 on 7 and camp schedule
  • Place a link of your player highlight video on GIU Recruiting® YouTube Channel for College Recruiters to view.
  • Assessment of your athletic skill level through our staff of credentialed coaches via video or game film. For in-person evaluations, please see the Evaluation package above.
  • Submission of your "Player Profile" information to targeted schools as an introduction*
  • Guidance on the Financial Assistance Programs that are available.
  • A dedicated GIU Recruiting®Counselors who will provide expert consultation and guidance, via email, during the recruiting process.
  • 1 on 1 training can also be added
  • Expert Sports Nutrition Consultations: Two one-on-one sessions with one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to identify specific individual needs. A customized plan is formulated with sport-specific tips.
*Only once the GIU Recruiting® approved target schools are mutually established and confirmed, will profiles be sent.