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HOW DO I GET RECRUITED? SHOW INTEREST The easiest thing to do is have your high school coach call the college of your choice at the end of your junior year. If a coach will not call, you must call the college yourself. Ask for the recruiting coordinator and describe who you are. Be sure and ask them about their screening criteria for your position. If you come close to meeting their criteria, send them an edited video tape of several games for their review. Stay in touch and keep visible. ATTEND COLLEGE CAMPS Having identifi ed the 3-5 colleges where you might like to attend and play football, make arrangements to attend their summer evaluation football camps. Make sure to inform the coaching staff that you will be attending their camp. This is most effective route to be seen. GET COACH’S RECOMMENDATION College recruiters are always looking for high school coaches to recommend players. But they really want your coach to recommend players from other teams in your league. Since your coach has an emotional attachment to his own players, college recruiters know that your coach will be more objective about players on other teams. Get to know other coaches if it can be done naturally. However, you still should make sure that your own coach is willing to help if you meet the criteria to play college football somewhere. Don’t leave this to chance. Work out a specific program with your head coach. You should do as much of the work as possible but it will be worth it. COMMUNICATE WITH COLLEGE COACHES If you are interested in a specifi c college, write to the coach who handles your position. Initially send him a letter describing who you are with a plan for the rest of your high school football career. Write him at least once aevery six months and update him on your progress. If he becomes interested in you as an athlete, this will say a great deal about your ability to plan, to be disciplined and to succeed. Don’t be bashful about telling a coach what you have accomplished. It ia also a good idea to call occasionly. Please remember depending on your age and time of the year he may not be able to return your call. My advice is to call until you reach him!