GIU Scouting Services

Grid-Iron University Scouting Service is a scouting provider that will change the world of college football recruiting through the use of its professional scouts and video technology. GIU has taken the high school player data base and expanded player information on athletes nation wide. GIU scouts will create and deliver the most detailed evaluation possible including scouring the country year around to watch players live and collect their tapes. A GIU scout will create an evaluation based on their opinions while giving that players respective high school coach the opportunity to express their feelings on a players potential as well. Our service places high school athletes at all levels of collegiate football.

We want to insure our clients that we are using all means available to deliver an evaluation that can ultimately land a high school and junior college football player in the college program that best benefits him. Our comprehensive scouting program is tailored precisely for your football program needs. Our services not only provide you with in-depth information on the student athletes, our video component and web site allow you to access player information and highlight film from any computer. GIU will become an extension of your own coaching staff, a group of scouts that will recruit year around saving you precious time and money. Our goal is to dissect your immediate and long term recruiting needs and build a personalized service around your program.