Dutch Oven Rules & Public taste


Public taste-testing will be conducted, and prizes awarded, in four categories of competition. PRIZES Participation Award Money & 1st Place Prizes will be awarded in the form of a check from GRIDIRON UNIVERSITY when winners are announced. Participation Award Money *Upon completion of 4-category event Per Each Team $500.00 CASH Per Each Category First Place $100.00 CASH Additional awards will be given with various gifts as follows: Most Authentic/Western, Pioneering Spirit, Youngest Cook, Best Decor, Safest Cook. Cast Iron King, Hottest/Coolest Cook, Best Personality. **Only 10 teams allowed on a first come, first serve basis for 2019 competition. Contact ASAP.** Entry forms are DUE RECEIVED TWO weeks prior to the event- Saturday Dec. 22nd. Email, photograph and text to, mail, or hand deliver: Contact Information: Jade or Jerry Glazier Text/call: (435)


Rules & Regulations


1. Interaction with the public is encouraged. Our goal is to teach and excite the public about this time honored tradition and skill. We want the public, and you as a contestant, to enjoy this competition and remember the heritage of our area. Please be courteous in sharing cooking information, your passion, this experience and your knowledge with those who are interested.

2. Please note the more food you have to offer the more opportunity you have to generate votes.

3. This Dutch Oven Cook Off, and its sponsors, are not responsible for accidents or damage incurred during the cook-off.

4. It is critical that you research, understand and follow all applicable rules.

5. A team may consist of up to 8 members. An adult must accompany any contestant under 18. Please note, cooking space is limited. Depending on entry numbers each year, teams may not have the opportunity to spread out.

6. A copy of the recipe you will use in the competition is required along with your registration form or to the Dutch Oven Cook-Off Chairperson, Jade or Jerry the morning of competition. We reserve the right to collect and use recipes in historical record and advertisement. Each team must enter all four dish categories.

7. Please note that for the People’s Choice Cook-off, the general public will be judging the contest. Winners will be chosen by public tasters and awarded on public popularity. It is recommended that each dish serve 500 taste-sized samples, enough for each voting member of the guests. The All American Games Committee will provide the necessary containers and utensils needed by the guests in accordance with Utah State Health Code regulations. Please be prepared to serve samples to the general public by dishing your entry in the provided sample cups. It is recommended that you have a plan to dish and serve your food at the exact sampling times, offering enough cups for about 300 people. Public tasters will come in droves and lines will be held up if you are not prepared... please plan for this. 🙂

8. ONLY TEAM MEMBERS will be allowed in the cooking area during the prep, cooking and judging period. One team member should remain in the cooking area at all times for fire safety reasons. Alcohol consumption and use of tobacco is not allowed on school property area due to Health Department and safety concerns.

9. Ingredients cannot be pre-cooked and must be combined, chopped, sliced or diced during the competition on site, including garnishes. For safety reasons, no susceptible ingredients will be prepared or processed at home. All meats must be USDA inspected. It is the responsibility of the contestant to keep all foods at appropriate temperatures at all times.

10.The All American Games Committee will obtain the proper permit for this competition under guidelines by the Southwest Utah Public Health Dept. It is the responsibility of each participant to become familiar with the standards and be prepared to abide by the rules under The All American Gamesl permit. Committee Chair persons will be monitoring each team throughout the contest ensuring proper handling and cooking of the food. We will provide hand washing and sanitation stations. Cooks will provide all of their own utensils, coolers, cutting boards, meat thermometers, plastic gloves (if needed) and other items needed to prepare and serve food and meet health code standards. Though the contestants are not required to hold a permit, it is recommended. You can obtain a permit by paying just $21.00 and completing an online course. Visit:

11. Committee Chair persons may check cooked meat temperatures prior to the public judging. There should be no finger licking. Contestant tasting utensils must be washed immediately after use. Wash cutting boards between meats and vegetables to avoid cross contamination. The cookoff chair may want to expound on this issue to comply with any Health Department concerns and rules. To get a copy of the regulations and to read further, please visit: forms/eh/temporary_food_service_requirements_brochure.pdf

12. It is the responsibility of each team member to know and understand temporary food handler regulations recognized by local and state health agencies. In Iron County, contact the : Southwest County Health Department at

13. Hot charcoal will be provided by cook-off committee and ready for use at all times. Each team will need a metal tray or stand to contain charcoal as well as a personal shovel. You may not use propane stoves to cook your dishes. Use good fire safety practices. Keep yourself and the public safe. Entry Form & Dish Names to Jade or Jerry required by December 22nd for printing Only 10 teams allowed on a first come, first serve basis Contact Information: Jade or Jerry Glazier or Text/call: (435) Email: SCHEDULE Cooks can begin setting up and cooking as early as 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Judging will begin promptly at the following times: 12:30 to 1 p.m. Main Dish 1:00 to 1:30 p.m. Side Dish 1:30 to 2:00 p.m. Bread/Roll 2:00 to 2:30 p.m. Dessert Awards Ceremony- 3:00 p.m. *Please note contestants will be offering one TASTE (2 ounce serving cups provided), of each dish, to every paying member of the public. An estimated 500 people will taste each