The Gridiron University SUNYFL celebrates rapid expansion

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Youth Tackle Football League sees Massive Growth in Southern Utah

The Gridiron University SUNYFL celebrates rapid expansion

St. George, Utah

Gridiron University is a leader in youth tackle football. For over 20 years GIU has hosted games and events that welcomed athletes like Tony Romo, Marcus Brady, and many more. From unique events like the Coaches Gala and Allstar games that host the best talent in the nation to SUNYFL, which is the Southern Utah and Nevada premier youth football league, GIU is committed to providing an experience that goes deeper than just the love of the game.

SUNYFL is the premier league in Southern Utah and Nevada. Over the last 5 years, the 7 on 7 Passing League has grown from 16 teams to over 45 teams. “Football is changing faster than ever. It is our job to make sure we give our kids the opportunity to learn and keep up with those changes.” -GIU President, Darry “Gator” Alton said. The 7 on 7 Passing League is a developmental league that allows fifth through seventh graders the opportunity to hone their skills, learn routes, play competitively against other teams, and stay on track with the ever changing landscape of football.

GIU and SUNYFL look forward to supporting the youth football community now and into the future. “This provides them an opportunity to learn and really become immersed in competitive sports. Football and sports in general connect us in a way that nothing else can, these kids get to experience friendship, brotherhood, team spirit, character, and good sportsmanship. Those kinds of lessons help to create better members of society.” Gator said.

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About Gridiron University

Gridiron University seeks to unite youth football players to empower and enable them to pursue their middle school, high school, college, and professional careers. Through games, leagues, combines, friendships, and community. GIU has created a platform for opportunity that allows athletes to compete against the best of the best in the nation and will continue to do so into the future.