Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: How does elimination work?
A: Youth tournament is 2 seeding games and double elimination during bracket play. The High School tournament is 3 seeding games and single elimination during bracket play.

Q: Where is the tournament located?
A: Mesquite Regional Sports & Events Complex 1635 World Champion way, Mesquite, Nevada, 89034

Q: How do we register?
A: Teams may register on our website at

Q: Do you have hotels for traveling teams
A: There are hotels in the Mesquite area as well as St. George. We will send information for discounted rooms.

Q: Can a player play on multiple teams
A: Players are only allowed on one roster. We can't hold up schedules to allow players to compete on multiple teams. We don't want players to merge into other teams as they are eliminated. Exceptions would be if it's one team, XYZ A team and XYZ B team, they can designate 2 subs that can play both rosters. If one team is eliminated that DOES NOT mean they absorb all the players into the other team. For example a 6th grade/12u player can also be on a roster in 7th/14u. If you have a club with several teams in different brackets attending, there can be floating of players up a bracket. You’ll need to add these players to both rosters.

Q: Are there restrooms at the field?
A: Yes, there are both porta potties and indoor bathrooms.

Q: How many divisions do you have?
A: We have 6 divisions, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th grades and 18U.

Q: Do we play teams outside of our age group?
A: No, you only play teams in your age division. We don't combine brackets.

Q: Do I register my team in their current grade or next year's grade?
A: Youth tournaments are held during the school year. You register your team in their CURRENT grade.

Q: Can you play up?
A: Yes, you can play up, but not down. For instance if you have a team that is a mix of players currently in 5th and 6th grade, you would have to register in the 6th grade division.

Q: How many games do you get?
A: 4 games guaranteed.

Q: How many fields do you have?
A: We have 10 fields.

Q: What if we have to cancel
A: Once registered, if a refund is requested, ONLY a 50% refund will be given. Although, if a refund request is made 30 days prior to the first day of the tournament, then, NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN. (In certain situations we can work with you, or do a credit, or make an exception, just keep us in the loop).

Q: Is the tournament taking place rain or shine?
A: Yes, it will. If it's lightning, hail, or a complete downpour, we will have a delay of rain for 20-30 minutes.
*If on Friday we rain delay twice and a 3rd time comes up we will consider finishing seeding early Saturday. If Saturday we rain delay 3 times, we will start playing games using overtime rules until we have a winner in each bracket. This has never happened,
but we have a plan in place to complete the tournament should it become an issue. A NOTE ON SPORTSMANSHIP- This tournament is extremely competitive, emotions run high. We get it. Everyone wants to win, that's why you're there. We understand. Coaches, If you lose, please encourage your team and sideline to lose graciously. If you win, coaches, we expect the same. If you get a bad call,
remember that happens at every level of play, even at the NFL level, refs are trying their best to call a fair game. But they're human, mistakes can be made. Please be respectful to ref's and encourage the same of your team and sideline. To sum it up, just be cool. That's how we roll. We can't allow fighting, if there is fighting, we'll have to remove those parties.

Tournament Registration

$750.00 per team.

What is included in the tournament price?

Your registration fee only covers the cost of entry per team. Nothing else is included.

How many teams can I register for a tournament?

In our tournaments (i.e. Mesquite, St. George) you may register 2 teams per division.

How many games are guaranteed at each tournament?

Game guarantees can vary from tournament to tournament. Most tournaments are guaranteed 3 games (2 pool play and 1 single-elimination).

What days of the week are your tournaments played?

SUNYFL: Saturday,
GIU 7’s: Friday and Saturday
Kings of the Break: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

How much does it cost per team to attend a GridIron University tournament?

How many coaches can a team have on the sideline?

A head coach, 2 offensive, and 2 defensive coaches. Each team receives 3 coaches wristbands at no cost. Any amount over 3 is required to pay the weekend fee, but will still receive their coach’s credentials. Team managers and personal photographers/videographers are required to pay the weekend rate as well.

How many players are allowed on a roster?

24 maximum players.

Are seniors allowed to play?

Yes. Seniors can participate, however, they cannot be age 19 at time of tournament.

Are there any reasons for disqualification?

YES! Fighting and cheating will possibly get you disqualified and removed from the event with no refund!

Do you offer refunds?

Once registered, if a refund is requested, ONLY a 50% refund will be given. Although, if a refund request is made a month prior to the tournament, then, NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

When is the last day we can register for a Tournament?

7 days prior to the event ONLY IF the tournament is not sold out.

Tournament Requirements

Are helmets and mouthguards mandatory?

YES!! Soft-shell helmets and mouthguards must be worn by all with the exception of the quarterback.

Can a player double-roster?

Yes. Players can double-roster at the same tournament ONLY IF they are in 2 different divisions. Example, a player cannot be on the roster of 2 teams in the high school division, but they can be on the roster of a 15U/Freshman team and a high school team.

Tournament Spectators

What is the cost for spectators?
The cost for the event will be $5 per day. Entrance fees are CASH and VENMO ONLY and are NON-REFUNDABLE!