GIU Team Connect App

GIU Team Connect App
How does the GIU Team Connect App Work?

The GIU Team Connect App changes the way coaches and athletes communicate.
As a coach, you can now create teams and invite your players to a room where you can chat, share playbooks, gameplay footage, and motivational content that only your team can view. You can order team jerseys and uniforms through the app as well. As a player, there will be content from athletes and coaches around the world providing tips and information to help strengthen your game.

Contributions to Cleats Across America

Cleats Across America is the ocial charity of Gridiron University. As a coach with a team on the GIU Team Connect App, when you order team uniforms or spirit packs not only will you receive an aliate percentage, but the rest (Insert Accurate Percenage) will go towards Cleats Across America thus furthering the mission to supply new and gently used football cleats to children across our nation whose parents or guardians may not have the direct resources to provide.

For any addiitonal information on the GIU Brotherhood App, contact (Insert preferred name and contact with clickable email link).

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