2023 Rules Info

Important information Regarding USA Invitational
  • All weigh in will be held at the complex ( 1635 World Champion Way, Mesquite, NV 89034)
  • Teams have up to two hours before their first game to weigh in
  • The whole team must weigh in together
  • If your first game is 8 am Friday morning you must weigh in Thursday by 8 pm
  • X-Men weights are as follows
  • ○ 7-8-9 year old – 85 lbs – (85.1+ is x-men) — Pee Wee Size Football (2nd and 3rd Grades)
    (Coach allowed on field) 2nd/3rd Grade Combined division
    ○ 9-10 year old – 100 lbs – (100.1+ is x-men) — Pee Wee Size Football (4th Grade)
    ○ 10-11 year old – 110 lbs – (110.1+ is x-men) — Junior Size Football (5th Grade)
    ○ 11-12 year old – 125 lbs – (125.1+ is x-men) — Junior Size Football (6th Grade)
    ○ 12-13 year old – 145 lbs – (145.1+ is x-men) — Youth/Intermediate Size Football (7th Grade)
    ○ 13-14 year old – 170 lbs – (170.1+ is x-men) — Youth/Intermediate Size Football (8th Grade)
    ○ 14-15 year old – weight is unlimited – high school official size football (9th grade)
    ○ All Z- downs must be 10 pounds below X-men weigh.
  • Divisions: High A - 5 and 6A's with winning records and any 4A's who wants to challenge themselves
  • A - 3 and 4A's with winning records and any 5 and 6A's with losing records and any 1 and 2A's who wants to challenge themselves
    High B - 5 and 6 A's B Teams with winning records and 4A B Teams who want to challenge themselves any 1 and 2A winning record teams
    B - 3 and 4 A's B Teams with winning records any 5 and 6A's B Teams with losing records and any 1 and 2A Teams with a losing record
  • X-Men Rule : Within each age group the weight limits stated above governs a player exceeding the weight limits within his/her age group to play on the down line both on offense and defense. X-Men must always be in a 3 or 4 point stance. On kickoff return the X-player can only line up on the front line.
  • On kickoff, the X-player may line up at any position. On punt formation, the X-player may punt the ball but may not run r pass on a designed fake. The Game Play Consequence for violations of the above “X-Rules of Play” shall be that a 15-yard penalty shall be assessed and the play in which the violation occurred shall be played over, or not, at the option of the non-violating team.
  • Game Clock: The time of the games consist of 4 –12-minute running clock quarters. In the last 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters, the clock will stop on dead ball situations. Halftime will consist of 10 minutes.
  • Play Clock: Once the chains are set the play clock starts at 30 seconds counting down.
  • Altered Teams (5 FROM YOUR DISTRICT ONLY) : Each team entering the tournament will be the team that played in their own league and other than adding 5 additional players to your team, your team must remain intact for this tournament. Any violation of this rule will call for the game to be forfeited, and the player(s) will also need to be removed from participating during the rest of the tournament.
  • Games and Times : Games will occur begin Thursday afternoon and continue through Saturday. Some divisions will be playing three games. A 3rd game will also be given to the teams where it is necessary in determining a 1st place or 2nd place team. Trophy presentations will be after the final game and presented to the 1st and 2nd place teams.
  • Overtime : Overtime will start with a coin toss to choose whether a team would like to have the ball first/last or which end zone they would like to defend. The ball will be placed on the 10 yard line and each team will get an opportunity to score within 4 downs. If a team scores that team has the option of going for 1 or 2 points. If the 1st overtime ends with a tie, the team on offense last stays on offense at the beginning of the 2nd overtime. 2nd Overtime is SUDDEN DEATH, first team to score wins.
  • Punting: 8-10 year old divisions the punt will be a dead ball punt. Therefore, the team punting has to declare a punt beforehand to the official.
  • Please do not forget to bring your equipment kit.