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Darry “Gator” Alton Aims to Lower the Bar to Entry for Youth Competitive Sports Gator credits his 15+ year career at Intermountain Healthcare as a large source of inspiration

St. George, Utah

Darry “Gator” Alton is no stranger to being a team player. From his years on the football field, his time in the Air Force, and a 14+ year career at IHC spent primarily in the ER, Gator understands better than most the importance of camaraderie and team building. He has dedicated over 20 years to developing Gridiron University, SUNYFL, and subsidiaries like Cleats Across America.

“Not having cleats was the only thing that separated me from being able to play football.” Gator said. Cleats can cost upwards of $130 or more and that bar to entry can deter players from getting involved if those funds aren’t available. By giving kids the opportunity to play and removing that barrier, we allow them to benefit from the character building that comes with competitive sports. Gator has credited much of his team development skills in many aspects of his life to his time on the football field.

Spending over 14 years working for Intermountain Healthcare, much of that in the ER, the similarities and bonds created are comparative to that in football. “We look out for each other, when we are in situations that require complete trust in order to help those who come in, that trust doesn’t come randomly but from purposeful interactions as a team.”

His non-profit, Cleats Across America, exists to do more than just help athletes get into the game of football, but to develop the brotherhood and skills that the kids can utilize in their careers and for the rest of their lives as Gator has in his career in the IHC. “Teams go beyond the game, my family at IHC has been my team for a better part of my career. That feeling of inclusion, I want the kids to understand that feeling and not be held back by something like monetary capabilities.” Currently, Cleats Across America is in the collection phase and hopes to secure over 5,000 pairs of cleats by May, 2023. To learn more about Cleats Across America, please visit www.cleatsacrossamerica.com.

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Gridiron University seeks to unite youth football players to empower and enable them to pursue their middle school, high school, college and professional careers through games, leagues, combines, friendships and community. GIU has created a platform for an opportunity that allows athletes to compete against the best of the best in the nation and will continue to do so into the future.