Football Combines

Football Combines: What they are and what they offer

A football combine lets high school football players show off their natural athletic ability with specific timed/measured events like the 40-yard dash and vertical jump. But, unlike a football camp, there is no instruction or teaching involved.


Reasons to attend a football combine.

  • ·The main reason to attend a football combine is to get measurable information about your skills. Verified statistics are important for your player profile, so getting timed in the 40-yard dash or shuttle run, or having your vertical jump measured at a combine can be beneficial. Verified combine results posted on a profile page from a trusted third party like GIURS can be extremely valuable to college football coaches.
  • Combines can provide good, measurable information about your athletic ability, which can help you see how you measure up against other football recruits. Knowing what you need to improve on can help you when competing against other athletes for football scholarships.


When a football combine isn’t the right choice.

  • Don’t go to a combine if you think it will help you get “discovered”. College coaches don’t attend football combines, so there’s no chance that you’ll get exposure to college football programs by working out at one.
  • There’s no football instruction at a combine. So if you’re trying to improve your skills and learn more about the game of football attend a football camp instead.