Gridiron University: Cleats Across America Charity

Cleats Across America is a non-profit organization devoted to providing new and gently used football cleats to children across our nation whose parents or guardians may not have the direct resources to provide. The spirit of sport being ushered through the donation of a pair of cleats goes beyond the giving of hardware to compete. These cleats have history, love, and passion. By providing to those who need, it is helping to build new friendships, creating shared stories of accomplishments in the same pair of cleats, and allowing for the opportunity at a fair chance to compete.

Founder and President of Gridiron University, Darry “Gator” Alton”, was asked about receiving his first pair of cleats.

Gator: “Mmmm (in reflection).  I can remember sitting in the locker room getting ready for my 1st practice. My Coach handed me ‘A pair of cleats”  that had been worn MANY times before me, I mean there was tape wrapped around the toes. The eyelets were rusted… the bottom was smooth, well it had cleat on it.. every other OTHER cleat (he laughs) But!! THAT was Inner City Detroit.. My family did not have any money let alone extra money. There was no other choice. In spite of all of that it didn’t matter, I felt a part of a team.. I just wanted to play football, and this allowed me to do so… I’m forever grateful for that.

To donate, you simply head over to and hit the “register” button and fill out a short form. To receive a pair of cleats, you can visit this link to register. It’s not just about the game! It’s about everything that comes with it. The lessons learned, the bonds formed, and the lifelong development that happens. We love football! But it doesn’t have to just be about that. It’s proven that participating in team sports, whatever it is, helps in the development of youth and adults in our communities.

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