Gridiron University: Faith, Family, and Football

GIU is by far the best, in aiding those who are striving to become the best football player that they can be. All athletes will currently be in the 6th through 11th grades and have demonstrated a serious work ethic and commitment to football as their primary sport. GIU is for the athlete who wants accomplished much or who is expected to accomplish much given his current or projected physical ability.

Developing athletes on and off the field is of the upmost importance to us here at Gridiron University. We focus heavily on brotherhood, and what it means to be part of a team all working towards a common goal. We host events surrounding tournament weeks that help to strengthen those bonds and character traits, such as the Coaches Gala, where we celebrate and show gratitude for our coaches and their families for all of the volunteer time and work they put into the players throughout the year, it’s a top tier event!

We have hosted games with athletes who have gone on to be recruited by highly prestigious schools and even continue onto the NFL, such as Tony Romo, which you can read about here. Playing in our games from a resume standpoint reflects ones ability to compete at the highest level, with and against, the best in the nation.

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