Gridiron University: The Mission for the MLK Day Allstar Classic

“It’s an honor to showcase these young men and play these All Star Games on MLK day. This special day makes me feel a strong desire to preserve and continue fighting for justice for all people and these young men give me hope for a better tomorrow.” -Darry “Gator” Alton, President and Founder of Gridiron University.

Due to health and safety circumstances, the 2022 MLK Day Allstar Classics were cancelled.. but the significance and lessons that surround this day extend beyond the game and beyond one single day.

“The beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds, silver, or gold.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. Teaching the values and companionship of brotherhood is of the upmost importance at GIU. These young men get to connect and learn to work as a team and to put the greater good of the team before ones own self. Some of these bonds created can last a lifetime.

Fair opportunity, the reason we do what we do is to allow these athletes their fair chance to seize special moments. We bring young athletes together to provide an opportunity for them to showcase skills against equally noteworthy talent. All we can ask for in anything that we do is a fair shot. What we do with that time is ultimately on us, there is power in that understanding.

Through Football, we are able to come together in learning lessons that these young men can take with them for the rest of their lives. Humility, brotherhood, dedication, and perseverance.. seeing these skills develop in our athletes keeps our passion alive, it’s why we do what we do. We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events. #FaithFamilyFootball

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