What is the Gridiron University Brotherhood?

The GIU Brotherhood has grown and evolved over the years. Naturally, we love the game of football.. but we genuinely love to facilitate the friendships. When it is all said and done, the friendships made, brotherhoods formed.. last forever.

We have hosted hundreds of games over the years, and one thing that has continued to stand out 5, 10, 20 years after the game.. is how those who participated still connect with their teammates.. or opponents. Sports connect us in a way that only those who are involved understand.

As a player or alumni of a Gridiron University game, you are forever part of our brotherhood.. but what does that mean? We genuinely want to help players develop not only on the field, but in life, and we do so by working together to instill values that create young men who want more for themselves. Being a part of a team allows players to work towards something beyond just them, something focussed on the greater good. No matter the walk of life or circumstance, camaraderie is born on the field and brotherhood follows.

We strive to create this type of environment by hosting more than just games.. our Coaches Gala honor the coaches, and their families, who volunteer their time to share their passion for the game. Our charity, Cleats Across America, aims to provide access to the necessary gear needed to play the game, thus lowering the bar to entry. And our culture, which seeks to highlight that fact that all someone needs is an opportunity to prove themselves. When we select our players each year, it is more than just an acceptance to a game.. but an acceptance into a family. #GIUBrotherhood

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