GIU Grading System

Five-star: 85 to 100
These players demonstrate rare abilities and can create mismatches that have an obvious impact on the game. These players have all the skills to take over a game and could make a possible impact as true freshmen. They should also push for All-America honors with the potential to have a three-and-out college career with early entry into the NFL draft.

Four-star: 79.5 to 84.99
These players have the ability to create mismatches versus most opponents and have dominant performances. These players could contribute as a true freshmen and could end up as all-conference or All-America candidates during their college careers and develop into difference-makers over time.

Three-star: 75.0 to 79.49
These players show flashes of dominance, but not on a consistent basis -- especially when matched up against the top players in the country. Players closer to a 79 rating possess BCS-caliber ability and the potential to be a quality starter or all-conference player. Players closer to a 70 rating are likely non-BCS conference caliber prospects.

Two-star: 68 to 74.99
These players are overmatched versus the better players in the nation. Their weaknesses will be exposed against top competition, but have the ability to develop into solid contributors at the non-BCS FBS level and could be a quality fit for the FCS level of play.

One-star: 55 to 67.9
Players have some redeeming qualities but are not projected to contribute at the FBS or FCS levels.
Pending prospect: Below 55
Evaluations are pending film evaluation. Often, these players will have a grade of "40" but that means we have not had a chance to fully evaluate the prospect.