Gridiron University Culture: The Coaches Gala

The Coaches Gala is a huge part of Kickoff Classic culture. Our coaches donate a massive amount of time to the kids and the program and it is important that we identify and honor that investment. At the Coaches Gala we celebrate the Utah State Champions and provide the coaches their just due. A night for the entire family, we provide hotel rooms, a great dinner, and a marine salute with flight jackets. Without our coaches, none of our seasons or events would be possible so this event and its significance cannot be understated.

The DuPaix, Croshaw, & Edwards award is given to the 1A-6A State Champion coaches in Utah to honor their dedication to the athletes, the sport, and Football in the state of Utah. The DuPaix, Croshaw & Edwards Award was created by GridIron University to recognize “The Old Ball Coach” Coaches who serve as educators, father figures and most importantly, positive influences for young men who come from various walks of life.

Coaches go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their teams are prepared for Friday nights, with countless hours of film study and schematics instruction to simulate real-time game situations. They might be in the spotlight for two to three hours every Friday night, but their job requires around-the-clock effort. They constantly speak with college coaches to get their players recruited, to ease the financial burden of college tuition for families. They also serve as disciplinarians so young men become model citizens. High school football coaches are counselors, chauffeurs, meal providers, confidants, fundraisers, advocates. The list goes on. More important than the roles they play are the life lessons they teach, to build high-character young people. None of that is in a typical football coach job description, but this is what help make them CHAMPIONS.

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