The Kickoff Classic is a celebratory weekend for youth football

The Kickoff Classic is a weekend of celebration for Utah youth through high school football games that provide athletes at various age levels the opportunity to build their football resume while testing their skills against the best in their division. Teams built by invite only will be brought to St. George, Utah three days in advance and will practice a total of 5 times before playing on Saturday, January 1st, 2022.

The first football game will feature the best of the best of SunYFL (3rd-8th grade). Each team will consist of 35 players each and will showcase their skills in the 8th grade All-Star game.

The 9th grade All-Star Football game will consist of Utah talent split across the state and will face a national team composed of players from all over America. For these kids, many of them may be state rivals that have come together to form a great team that creates lifelong bonds and friendship. Participating in this game adds to a recruitment portfolio that can be used during their senior year by testing their abilities by some of the best this country has to offer.

The high school senior game is a salute to the kids preparing to finish their high school careers. We invite the 40 best seniors to represent the state of Utah that will face off against Oklahoma.

As mentioned above, this event is invite only and players will be scouted. If you have interest in one of these games, please send in an edit with included stats.

To get involved with the Kickoff Classic games, the cost is $100 and will include 2 tickets, a jersey that they keep, and will include a pizza party for the players and their family.

In addition to the games, we also will be holding a cheerleading competition with 10 teams invited across Utah to showcase routines during the football games. The winning team will take home a massive trophy and $2500.

Our High School Summit is for juniors preparing for their senior year, and for seniors preparing for their college careers. We invite 4 kids down (2 from each grade) and help the juniors step into becoming leaders of their team, and the seniors get connected with the college guys to help them be ready for their transition into college.

The Coaches Gala is a huge part of Kickoff Classic culture. Our coaches donate a massive amount of time to the kids and the program and it is important that we identify and honor that investment. At the Coaches Gala we celebrate the Utah State Champions and provide the coaches their just due. A night for the entire family, we provide hotel rooms, a great dinner, and a marine salute with flight jackets. Without our coaches, none of our seasons or events would be possible so this event and its significance cannot be understated.

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